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  • Accurate

  • Fast

  • Compact

  • Autonomous

  • Easy to use


Dedicated to laboratory research, the GRT-XL works at room temperature, in a range of refraction index between 1.30 and 1.50, for drops between 10 and 300 µm with a working distance of between 15 and 20 cm.


Dedicated to in situ insertion in hostile environments, the GRT-mini is optimized for a single product (e.g. water), for drop sizes between 10 and 300 µm, with a working distance of 7 to 10 cm. Originally designed to work in freezing rain conditions (speed of flow between 7 km/h and 900 km/h, temperature of -40°C, ..), it can be adapted for other hostile environments.

A tailor-made offer

According to your needs, Rainbow Vision’s devices can be optimized for different products, different size ranges, different working distances, etc.

A home study office

In parallel with our proposed instruments, RainbowVision also offers:

  • A design office service: to carry out collaborative studies (as in ANR project, H2020 project, etc,) in terms of droplets thermo-physics characterization and to delivered high-quality innovative measurement results which satisfy your specific requests.
  • On-site services: to carry out measurement campaigns on your site.

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