Created in 2017 by two researchers worldwide recognized  as experts in the optical characterization of multiphasic media, RainbowVision offers devices for real-time measurement of temperature and size distribution of spray droplets.

Compact, portable, insensitive to vibrations, preset in laboratory, associated with a very intuitive software and processing code, these devices, very easy to use, measure the drop temperature in real time with great precision, in a wide range of temperature and pressure. The concept of measurement technique used is based on the analysis of the light scattered around the rainbow angle : GRT (Global Rainbow Technique).

This unique technology increases economic efficiency while reducing the ecological footprint of the spray industry.

Our products


Dedicated to laboratory research, the GRT-XL works at room temperature, in a range of refraction index between 1.30 and 1.50, for drops between 10 and 300 µm within a working distance of 15 and 20 cm.


Dedicated to in situ insertion in hostile environments, the GRT-mini is optimized for a single product (e.g. water), for drop sizes between 10 and 300 µm, within a working distance of 7 to 10 cm. Originally designed to work in freezing rain conditions (speed of flow between 7 km/h and 900 km/h, temperature of -40°C, ..), it can be adapted for other hostile environments.

6 areas of application


CO2 capture


Spray dryers

(Agricultural / pharmaceutical / cosmetic)


Flash evaporation

Our other services

Our devices  are not only available for sale. As experts we can carried out experiments and studies upon request…

Our news

RainbowVision Awarded “Research Technologies Innovations”

RainbowVision Awarded “Research Technologies Innovations”

crédit photo : Julien TRAGIN pour NAE February 20, 2020, Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, and Philippe Eudeline, President of Normandy AeroEspace (NAE), signed a new chain contract for 2020-2022 at the Atrium in Rouen. ...

ILASS-Asia 2019

ILASS-Asia 2019

Oral presentation at ILASS-Asia 2019 congress, 2019 December 19th-22rd, UBE (Japan)



Participation in the SAE AEROTECH fair from 24/09 to 26/09 in Bordeaux.